Frequent Question ans Answers of Ma Baglamukhi Mantra Diksha & Sadhana

Question 1 : I want to start ma baglamukhi sadhana but i don’t know how to start?

Answer : First step of ma baglamukhi sadhana is diksha. In diksha guru initiate you with this mahavidya and teaches you all the secrets. Guru gives you a mantra which you need to chant as per his guidelines.

Question 2 : What articles (samagri) is required in baglamukhi sadhana?

Answer : You need a Haldi Mala (Turmeric Rosary ) of 108 beads, Pranaprathistit  Energized Baglamukhi Yantra, Pranaprathistit Energized Baglamukhi Statue Moorti, Yellow Matt (Asana) and Yellow clothes.

Question 3 : I am married person. Can i do ma baglamukhi mantra sadhana and pooja?

Answer : Yes, you can do baglamukhi mantra jaap and sadhana. Here i must clear that everyone is eligible to do this sadhana. It helps you in every phase of life.

Question 4 : Can i do baglamukhi mantra jaap and puja at home or is it compulsory to go to temple?

Answer : Yes you can do this pooja at home.

Question 5 : How much time do i need to spend everyday in baglamukhi pooja?

Answer : It depends on circumstances. If you doing any anusthan in which you need to complete certain number of mantras in fixed days then you may have to sit for long hours. To explain it i am giving you example here. If you determined to do 1250 Malas of beej mantra of devi baglamukhi in 21 days then you need to do 60 malas everyday to complete this anusthaan. which means you have to sit minimum 2 hours everyday. Suppose you are not doing any anusthaan then as per your time availability.

Question 6 : Is baglamukhi sadhana dangerous ?

Answer : It is complete myth. Some people on the internet and books have spread this rumor that baglamukhi sadhana (puja) is dangerous and if someone will commit any mistake then Ma baglamukhi will punish him. It is complete myth and ignore it. It was spread by those people who have not chanted even single mantra of devi. Please beware of these people and do this sadhana without any fear.

Question 7 : What is the best time to start this sadhana?

Answer : All days are created by nature and you can start on any day. If you still feel that you want start on the best day then you can start this sadhana on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Question 8 : How should i take baglamukhi diksha (Initiation)?

Answer : You can take baglamukhi diksha from anyone who is eligible to give diksha.


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